Long Island Sikh Gurdwara

October 06, 2018 Glen Cove Gurdwara is the anchor of the Sikh community in Long Island.

Sikhs from across Long island, Queens and Manhattan make a trip to the Glen Cove gurdwara.

Sikh Gurdwara Glen Cove image © LongIslandIndia.con
Glen Cove Gurdwara
100 Lattingtown Rd
Glen Cove, NY 11542
Ph: 516-674-6793

We have a fondness for Glen Cove gurdwara.

A few years back, we donated some furniture to this gurdwara as a small thank-you to the Sikh community.

Daily Programs
The following are the programs at the Glen Cove Gurdwara.

* Prakash at 5AM
* Simran 5AM-6AM
* Nitnem 6AM-7AM

* Rehras Sahib, Kirtan and Sampati 7PM-8PM

Friday Evening
* Rehras Sahib 7:30PM
* Kirtan 7:50PM
* Katha 8:15PM
* Kirtan 8:45PM
* Samapti 9PM

* Sukhmani Sahib, Aasa di Vaar, Kirtan, Katha and other programs 10AM-1:30PM
Langar served throughout.