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October 06, 2018

New Chilli & Curry Hicksville Review

New Chilli & Curry
106 Woodbury Rd
Hicksville, NY 11801

New Chilli & Curry Hicksville image ©

New Chilli & Curry Hicksville: Satan's Outpost in Hicksville

No, New Chilli & Curry is not a bad Indian restaurant.

Because it's an awful restaurant that casts a dark stain on the reputation of Indian cuisine.

After a terrible meal at New Chilli & Curry, I felt the more appropriate name for this Hicksville Indian restaurant should be "No Chilli Curry".

I was visiting Afghan Hindu Temple on East Barclay Road the other day and on impulse headed to the nearby New Chilli & Curry for lunch.

Located on Woodbury Road in Hicksville, New Chilli & Curry restaurant offers North Indian, Indian Chinese and Thai style curries.

New Chilli & Curry Buffet Counter image ©
Buffet Counter at New Chilli & Curry

Lunch Buffet

When I walked into New Chilli & Curry around noon, the all-you-can-eat lunch buffet for $8.95 was on offer.

Hey, who can say "no" to a $8.99 Indian lunch buffet.

Like at most Hicksville Indian restaurants, lunch buffet at New Chilli & Curry included usual suspects like Vegetable Pakoras, Tandoori Chicken, Dal Tadka, Naan Bread, Chicken Makhani and Rice Pudding plus a few other items.

Alas, much of what I tasted turned out to be bland no-chilli curries or burnt disasters.

Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori Chicken packed little flavor and was poorly marinated.

New Chilli & Curry Tandoori Chicken image ©
Tandoori Chicken

Sure the Chicken was tender but absence of flavor and poor marination ruined the joy of eating this common North Indian chicken delicacy cooked in a Tandoor (clay oven).

It was so bad that I had to return to the buffet station for some sliced onions and a piece of lime to push this abomination down my throat.

New Chilli & Curry Tandoori Chicken image ©
Tandoori Chicken with Onion & Lime


Vegetable Pakoras rivaled Tandoori Chicken in poor taste.

The Vegetable Pakoras were extremely rubbery and packed no flavor.

If a restaurant can't get simple stuff like Tandoori Chicken and Pakoras right, they ought to down the shutters forever.

New Chilli & Curry Pakora, Potato Curry image ©
Pakora (top), Alu Cabbage (bottom), Naan (right)

Entrees and Naan

Hoping to find some solace in the entrees, I moved on to Chicken Makhani, Alu Cabbage, Dal Tadka and Hakka Noodles.

New Chilli & Curry Chicken Makhani image ©
Chicken Makhani (bottom), Hakka Noodles (top), Dal (right)

Chicken Makhani, though creamy, packed little flavor.

Ditto with Dal Tadka. It felt like I was eating finely cooked yellow lentil paste.

With a surfeit of turmeric powder, Alu Cabbage was neither spicy nor tasty.

Vegetable Hakka Noodles was just one step above bland and nothing much to write home about.

By this time I was so vexed with the No Chilli Curry at New Chilly Curry that I skipped Goat Masala to give my tastebuds a respite from the spiceless assault on my Indian palate.

New Chilli & Curry Naan Bread image ©
Naan Bread

The only good thing about the Naan bread was it was served at the table, not dumped in a heap at the buffet station.

It was just average in taste and texture.


Rice Pudding was the sole dessert at the buffet station.

New Chilli & Curry Rice Pudding image ©
Rice Pudding

New Chilli & Curry would have done a mighty big favor to its paying customers had they not included any dessert.

You see, the Rice Pudding had an extremely off-putting, burnt flavor.

The burnt flavor was so overpowering that I had difficulty putting a second spoonful into my mouth.

Whoever cooked this Rice Pudding deserves a special place in hell!

Ambiance and Service

Like most Indian restaurants in Hicksville, New Chilli & Curry has no ambiance to speak off.

As you enter you have tables upfront, lunch buffet counter on the right side.

Tables are clean covered with a table cloth. Water glasses were placed upside down on the tables. Used plates were removed promptly.

The restaurant is small and tables are packed tight.

New Chilli & Curry Rating

Much of the food I tasted at New Chilli & Curry was plain awful and packed no Chillies or flavor.

If you crave spicy, tasty Indian food like me, I suggest you stay away from this No Chilli Curry Indian restaurant.

As for me, I am not returning to New Chilli & Curry any time soon. One bad experience is enough! - ©

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