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October 06, 2018

Rasraj Hicksville Review

257 South Broadway
Hicksville, NY 11801

Rasraj Hicksville image ©

Rasraj Hicksville Review: Fine Indian Food

We are no strangers to Rasraj Indian vegetarian restaurant at 257 South Broadway in Hicksville.

After all, we have been going there on and off for over a decade now.

But during most of our visits we opted for sweets or snacks. Not a single visit to South Broadway had gone by without picking up a sweet box from Rasraj.

During our latest visit, in addition to picking up sweets we also ordered a takeout from Rasraj.

Our takeout order included Paneer Masala, Kadi Pakora, Poori, plain white rice and pickles - all for $6.25 including the tax.

Here's our take on various curries we tasted at Rasraj starting with Paneer Masala:

Yummy Paneer Masala

To say that Rasraj's Paneer Masala was yummy would be an understatement.

Paneer Masala Rasraj image ©
Paneer Masala

It is easily the best Paneer Masala I've had in years.

Set in a medium thick tomato based gravy, Paneer Masala included eight medium size pieces of Paneer, a few onion slices and chopped Cilantro leaves for seasoning.

With the right proportion of spices, Paneer Masala was simply delicious.

Kadi Pakora

A close competitor to Paneer Masala in taste was Kadi Pakora.

Kadi Pakora Rasraj image ©
Kadi Pakora

The medium thick Kadi Pakora included three pieces of Pakora, some chopped Onion pieces and finely cut Cilantro leaves.

Pakora was tasty and firm and absorbed the Kadi spice flavor nicely.

Poori, Rice and Pickles

My order came with four medium size Pooris and a small serving of plain white rice.

Poori Rasraj image ©

Poori was well fried and I had no issues with them.

Pickle Rasraj image ©
Plain Rice

Ditto with plain white rice which packed a fresh well-cooked texture.

Pickle Rasraj image ©

Mixed vegetable pickle was nothing to write home about. It was not in the class of my favorite Andhra pickles but merely adequate.

Ambiance and Service

As you enter Rasraj, you have the tables upfront, sweets counter on the right and food counter and kitchen at the rear.

The restaurant was clean and the young Indian waitress manning the counter was professional.

The waitress greeted us as I entered Rasraj with a smile, a rarity at Indian restaurants in New York.

My takeout order was packed neatly in plastic boxes but did not come with plastic plates or spoons.

Serving size of curries and rice was decent for the price.

Rasraj Rating

Bottom line, I enjoyed Rasraj lunch thoroughly and heartily recommend it to all lovers of Indian vegetarian food. - ©

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