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October 06, 2018

Rasraj Sweets Hicksville Review

Rasraj Sweets
257 South Broadway
Hicksville, NY 11801

Rasraj Hicksville image ©

Rasraj Sweets Hicksville Review: Good Indian Sweets

I've been feasting on Rasraj Sweets since 1997.

Except on one occasion a few years back, Rasraj offers consistently good quality sweets.

The other day, in addition to picking up a food takeout from Rasraj on South Broadway in Hicksville, I purchased a pound of assorted Indian sweets ($7/lb) and a cold Saffron Pista Milk Shake to beat the scorching summer heat.

Rasraj Sweets Counter image ©
Rasraj Sweets Counter

Rasraj's Sweets came packed neatly in a small box and a clean plastic bag.

Assorted sweets at Rasraj are priced at $7 per pound. My Rasraj sweets box was slightly less than a pound and included nine different types of sweets picked by me.

Here's my take on Rasraj's Indian sweets starting with Chocolate Barfi:

Rasraj Sweets image ©
Rasraj Sweets - $7 per pound

Saffron Pista Shake

On a scorching day, a cold shake would have been divine and I quickly asked for a Tutti Fruiti shake.

Since it was not available, I settled for Rasraj's Saffron Pista Milkshake.

Boy, was it heavenly.

Rasraj Milkshake image ©
Kesar Pista Milkshake - $4

With right temperature, sweetness and fragrant saffron flavor it was made to order.

Very soothing and refreshing.

But the $4 price was a little high for the serving size.

Ambiance and Service

Just like its quality sweets, Rasraj's ambiance has not changed over the years.

As you enter the restaurant, you have the tables upfront, sweets counter on the right, and food counter and kitchen at the rear.

The price of assorted sweets is displayed clearly.

More importantly, the young waitress behind the sweets and food counter was polite and smiling.

Smiling waitstaff in Indian restaurants are as rare as the Halley's Comet.

The young waitress diligently followed my request and included only one piece per variety (of the sweets chosen by me).

But the waitress was clueless about the names of different sweets. Also unlike Maharaja Sweets in Jackson Heights or Bengali Sweets on Newark Ave in Jersey City, there were no labels for different sweets in Rasraj's sweets counter.

Rasraj Sweets Rating

Notwithstanding my minor irritation about absence of labels, I still recommend the $7 per pound assorted sweets from Rasraj on Broadway in Hicksville. They are delicious and great value for money. - ©

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