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October 06, 2018

Taste of Madras Hicksville Review

Taste of Madras
96 North Broadway
Hicksville, NY 11801

Taste of Madras Hicksville image ©

Taste of Madras Hicksville Review: Pricey Lunch

When I heard that a new South Indian restaurant Taste of Madras serving meat curries had opened on RT-107 (Broadway) in Hicksville, I instinctively started drooling.

You see, the other two Indian restaurants in Hicksville (House of Dosas and Chennai Dosas) that serve South Indian food offer only vegetarian fare.

With my meat curry craving rising to a crescendo, I made time to visit Taste of Madras on Broadway in Hicksville for lunch the other day.

No Buffet, No Lunch Specials

When I walked into Taste of Madras, the restaurant was deserted except for a lone waiter.

I was greeted by the Tamil waiter/owner and shown to a table promptly.

After a quick glance around the room, I realized that Taste of Madras does not serve a lunch buffet, which is ubiquitous at Indian restaurants in New York and New Jersey.

Other Indian restaurants in Hicksville like Chennai Dosas, Kiran, Diwan, New Chilli & Curry and Bukhara Grill serve a lunch buffet.

When I asked the owner about the absence of a lunch buffet, he grumbled that a lot of food goes waste in buffets.

As I checked the menu, I noticed three different types of Thali Lunch specials - Vegetarian ($7.95), Non-Veg Thali ($9.95) and Special Thali ($12).

Since I was eager to eat some South Indian meat curries, I quickly placed an order for Non-Veg Thali only to be rudely rebuffed by the owner??

"No Lunch Special Thalis available, order from a la carte menu," he curtly responded.

Taken aback by his tone, I asked for Chicken Chettinad ($12.95), Garlic Naan ($2.95) and Mysore Masala Dosa ($8.95).

As I was placing my order, the waiter/owner kept pestering/begging me to order Lamb Chops ($22.95) instead of Chicken Chettinad.

I ignored his irritating pestering and stuck to Chicken Chettinad since it's a perennial favorite of mine.

Here is my take on my meal at Taste of Madras starting with Chettinad Chicken:

Chicken Chettinad

Chicken Chettinad arrived piping hot to the table in about 15-20 minutes.

Taste of Madras Chicken Chettinad image ©
Chicken Chettinad - $12.95

Set in a brown color medium thick gravy, Chicken Chettinad included ten pieces of Chicken with chopped cilantro leaves seasoning.

The gravy was tangy and spicy but not obscenely spicy.

Chicken was tender and absorbed the Chettinad spices well.

It was much relished.

Serving size was not bad and there was some left for my evening meal as well.

Bottom line, Taste of Madras' Chicken Chettinad was delicious, a work of art.

Socrates reportedly said more than 2,000 years back, A life without examination is not worth living.

But I say, A life without repeated feasting on Chicken Chettinad is a life lived in vain. ;)

Mysore Masala Dosa

While I relished Chicken Chettinad, what gave me immense joy at this South Indian restaurant was the Mysore Masala Dosa.

Taste of Madras Mysore Masala image ©
Mysore Masala Dosa - $8.95

Dosa is to a South Indian what Roti is to a North Indian, Pasta to an Italian, Burgers to an American or Noodles to a Chinese.

Mysore Masala Dosa was crisp and well roasted as it ought to be.

Masala paste was smeared evenly on the inside layer of the Dosa.

It was yummy. The little dash of ghee that was used in its preparation made a big difference in taste.

Taste of Madras's Mysore Masala Dosa was so delicious that I would put it in the excellent category of Dosas.

Taste of Madras Potoato Curry image ©
Potato Curry Side

Mysore Masala Dosa came with Tomato Chutney, Coconut Chutney, Sambar and Onion + Potato curry sides.

Tomato Chutney was tangy.

But the Coconut Chutney could have been spicier.

Sambar packed a nice authentic aroma and a delicious taste.

Potato curry usually comes as a stuffing in the Dosa.

But Taste of Madras provided it as a side.

The Potato curry was tasty and did not give room for any complaints.

Garlic Naan & Rice

My Garlic Naan order included four pieces.

It packed a nice flavor of garlic and chopped Cilantro leaves.

Taste of Madras Garlic Naan image ©
Garlic Naan - $2.95

Garlic Naan was soft and tasty. Each time I dipped it in the Chicken Chettinad and put it in my mouth was Nirvana.

Taste of Madras Rice image ©

White rice with a dash of Jeera seasoning was fresh and hot. No issues folks.

Pappad was crisp as it should be and came with Green Chutney and Tamarind sauce.

Taste of Madras Pappad image ©

Ambiance and Service

Taste of Madras is spacious.

Since we were the only diners during our visit, the restaurant wore an eerie, abandoned look.

The restaurant and the rest-room were clean.

Taste of Madras Rating - Not Recommended

I have no complaints with the food.

Taste of Madras' Chicken Chettinad Curry, Mysore Masala and Garlic Naan were a treat.

But the prices are ridiculously high for lunch.

For less than the price of my Chicken Chettinad lunch entree at Taste of Madras, you can get an all-you-can-eat Indian buffet at neighboring Indian restaurants like Kiran, Diwan, New Chilli & Curry and Bukhara Grill.

In the absence of a Lunch buffet or Lunch Specials and the outright refusal to serve listed menu lunch specials, I cannot in good conscience recommend Taste of Madras. - ©

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